Friday, February 10, 2006


Fridays at the office are great. Not only is there only eight hours between me and freedom, but it is also Café Rio day. All people, scratch that, most people from Utah know that Café Rio is to fast food restaurants as Disneyland is to amusement parks—there is something magical about it. I have to say most people because I happen to know my parents who reside in West Jordan are some of the few who have still not partaken. But it will get them…bwahahaha!

Though we at work love the Rio usuals—burritos, enchiladas, salads—we have discovered…chips and queso. I know it doesn’t sound that romantic, I’m sure chips and cheese have been done forever, it’s just that the Rio adds magic into the mix. This is just one of those things that help me get through the creeping hours of an otherwise uninspiring Friday afternoon.

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dp said...

No one fits a perfect cliché - and your aberration from "very normal" is your quietly excellent humor.