Thursday, March 01, 2007

A+ Gift

When Seth and I first got married he tried to tell me that I had better not expect things for my birthday or Valentines Day because his father wasn't very good at giving presents to his mother. And he is his father's son, therefore he shouldn't be expected to be any good either, right? WRONG! So, after a few unsuccessful attempts at "forgetting" or "not getting around to it" he has become a really good gift giver.

This year for Valentines he planned for us to go flying above Salt Lake City in a little plane. So romantic...if you ignore the fact that Seth was in the front flying, I was in the back looking for a barf bag, and I couldn't communicate with him or the flight instructor because my headphones didn't work. But seriously I loved it and want to do it again soon.

Yes he did actually fly the plane...which is why my stomach was so queasy.

See the turbulence! I just couldn't take a good picture up there.

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