Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slave Labor Day

Seth and I have a common childhood experience we have vowed to not repeat in our own family. We made this vow during one of those great conversations where reality and fantasy intermingle, such as: the top 10 places we must go on vacation before we are too old to enjoy it, what we would do if we won a million dollars right now, the things that put "dream" in "dream house," etc. This particular conversation could be called "How we are going to be the most perfect parents ever." One of the things we didn’t like as children was when we had to work on holidays. All our friends were playing, but we couldn't because we would be working very hard in the yard/garage/basement, etc. How frustrating for a child! So adult Seth and Tricia decided that holidays were for playing not for working.

After this weekend I have realized my resolve is already cracking. I have thought about the last few holidays and how we have spent them all working in our condo. Memorial Day--painting. Christmas Break--preparing for carpet. Thanksgiving Break--putting in laminate floors. Labor Day--painting. Fourth of July--putting in tile. The thing is that our condo isn't even big! At this rate I'm sure I'll be ready to run a child labor operation by the time I decide to have kids. My next holiday is the Fourth of July, and I would promise to do something fun on that day to break the cycle...but I'm really starting to hate that green paint in my kitchen.

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buhlersdayoff said...

That is a great idea! It is so great that I have decided to take it on with our family!! Oh wait we never clean or work ever!! j/k Thanks for the info!!