Friday, July 20, 2007


Why am I even at work right now? I can't stop thinking about Harry Potter. I keep looking up news websites hoping for more stories to read...but I refuse to Google it because I don't want to come across any spoilers. In less than ten hours I will hold the book that has all the answers. But I want to put some of my predictions down so everyone can make fun of me later when they are all wrong. (Seth disagrees with all my predictions.)

1. I think Snape is evil. Killing Dumbledore just went too far.

2. Voldemort will be killed. It just has to be that way.

3. Harry will die. It seems like nothing Harry does can come without a huge price. So if Harry doesn't die someone else extremely important will. Someone like Hermione or Ginny. Wouldn't that be tragic?

4. Ron's brother's marriage is going to be absolutely fabulous. Even better than the Quidditch World Cup.
5. Harry will learn a ton about his mom. Why don't we know anything about her? She saved him!

I can't believe I'm so in love with a children's book!


Emily said...

Tricia I'm so glad that you can't think about anything else either! My friend has an awesome theory about Snape being in love with Harry's mom. I'll copy and paste it in another comment, it's one of the best theories I've heard yet! I'm just buying to book at Costco tomorrow morning, it's $18.19 and opens at 9:30 am. You should still come to Muggle Madness, Paige and Kinky are going!

Emily said...

This is my friend's theory:
Here is my big prediction: Severus Snape was actually in love with Lily Evans. I know it sounds crazy at first, but I've been doing a lot of soul-searching and I feel in my heart that this is the reason for a lot of Snapes actions. First, Lily was nice to Snape during the incident in the pensieve, and I believe that it wasn't the first time she stood up for him. Second, Dumbledore said that Snape came to the good side when he learned of the Potter's deaths. I believe he was in such anguish that he had inadvertently caused her death, that he turned against Voldemort. Third, Snape being in love with Lily would also give more reasons why he hated James so much, and why he tried so hard to protect Lily's son, even though he also hates Harry because he reminds him of James. The fact that Harry has Lily's eyes I think will also come into play somewhere in the book.

Good, huh?

Tiffany said...

Oh my are SUCH a nerd! I don't even know who Snape is! Guess I won't try to call you for a few days. Ha!

Mom said...

Now that this one is over, I've got a new series for you to start. The first book is Gregor the Overlander. I read this out loud to my class every year and they LOVE IT!