Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lavender Farm Gal

After over two weeks of unemployment (my dad says I can't call it vacation because I didn't have a job) I started a new job at Young Living last Wednesday. New job. That's how it's supposed to work, right? So here is the low down...

Just before moving to Pleasant Grove I realized that I would really hate a 50 minute commute everyday, so I started looking for a new job. I actually had three really great offers, all very close to home, but in the end I decided to go back to Young Living (I used to work there a year and a half ago). It was awesome to go to the different companies telling them I had other offers and asking if they could strengthen theirs. In the end Young Living won out in part because I would be working with Suzette who is now my boss. I love her and it has been the best decision!

She and I are our own department working for the Young Living Lavender Farm doing marketing/product managing/events planning, etc. etc. etc. We also have a Lavender blog. There is so much to do the days are just flying by. I work Wednesdays at the farm and the rest of the time at the Young Living corporate offices in Lehi.

Picture of the Young Living Lavender Farm I work at.

One of the most important things we are doing right now is planning for the Lavender Festival held June 27 & 28 at the lavender farm. Mark it on your calendars because it is going to be a blast. (Look at how I easily lapsed into my "marketing" voice instead of my own voice. This job might just take over my life.)


Anonymous said...

It looks gorgeous!! But when you say you're at the farm, does that include a hoe and overalls or are you still doing planning/marketing in an office? CONGRATS on a new job you actually enjoy!

Tricia said...

They do have an office I work at at the farm, but I wouldn't mind hoeing some rows of lavender or milking cows every once in awhile!

Erin Sedgwick said...

If you work on a farm, that means that you have to start listening to country music...too bad!!!