Thursday, March 27, 2008

Public Relations Wiz!

A few posts back I told you about my new job and how I do PR (among many things) for a lavender farm. Well my boss and I have had some pretty good success at getting free publicity for the farm lately. Our easter egg hunt was featured in Utah Valley Magazine and Lavender Days will be in the upcoming Salt Lake Magazine as well. But the coolest thing is that the producer for Studio 5, a morning television talk show on channel 5 in Utah, has been reading our Lavender Farm Blog, and is having us on the show tomorrow! Ok, really it will be my boss Suzette, but I'll be waiting in the wings cheering her on. So, if you happen to be home tomorrow at 11 a.m. turn on channel 5 and learn all about lavender and the Young Living Lavender Farm!

P.S. The Easter Event at the farm was fabulous! (Cold, but fabulous.)


Mark and Lachelle said...

That's awesome that things at the lavender farm are going great! And who doesn't love being on tv ;) Mark and I will have to come see the lavender farm sometime! But it will definately have to be when it's warm...cuz there's no way he can get me out of the house when it's cold!

Anonymous said...

it looks like utter chaos fun! How's the kitchen updo coming?

Suzette and Kids said...

This event was a blast! I heard you were an awesome guide on the wagon rides out to the field where the egg hunt took place. Go Trish!