Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My New Blog: My Pemberley

I've started a new blog that I want ya'll to check out. It is mypemberley.com. For some crazy reason I'm really into reading home design blogs and local blogs, so I decided to start one myself to keep track of all the cool stuff out there.

So take a look and enjoy! And if you like it please pass the word along to your other friends or put my link in your blogroll (it will be much appreciated!). And if anyone knows of any cool stores or local Utah designer/crafters out there that I should blog about let me know!


Jamie said...

hey trish! i love your new blog, how fun! so...i love the layout f it and i was wondering how you did it...i noticed it wasn't a blogspot.com site...can you shed your blogging wisdom on me please? e-mail me if ya have time! love ya! -jamie

Mark and Lachelle said...

Love the pemberly blog!! It's so cute! I'm really into home decor too, and can't wait when Mark finally graduates and we can get a house so I can decorate!!

Paige said...

Fun new blog! I'm amazed at your ability to keep up not one, not two, but THREE blogs! (I'm counting the farm one.)

Grossarths said...

Tricia! Hey how are you guys doing? You have commented on my blog before, but I just stumbled onto your blog as I was looking at another friend's blog! Its good to see that you are still alive and doing well! Hope to hear from you soon.