Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missing Out & San Fran

If you haven't been looking at my other blog ( then you have been missing out! I post over there almost daily.

Seth and I just got back from a trip to San Francisco. It was absolutely a necessary break after Lavender Days. The day we went to Golden Gate Park Seth forgot the camera (and lost his $28 public transportation pass--I told him that from now on I am in charge of everything valuable) so there aren't any pictures of that. However, we got some great pictures of the best fireworks show ever heard--too much fog so they couldn't be seen. Our favorite part was riding across the golden gate bridge on bikes. Beautiful and sweaty, how could you not love it? Enjoy the pictures.

Us at "postcard row." We will own a house like those some day.

Random picture of Seth. I take so, so many of these on our trips that I had to include one.

Our favorite museums always seem to be the museums of modern art, and SFMOMA was pretty cool. (London's was better, but don't tell.) This curtain of silk flowers was pretty awesome, but I forgot to turn off the flash and had to run from security so you don't get any more pictures from this museum.

Big red.

Chinatown! For the love of cheap junk.

This amazing boat carried us across the bay on a very nice dinner cruise so we could watch the fireworks from the water. Why does Seth look like this?

Because this is what was greeting us while waiting to board. We were scared that it was a sign of things to come...and it was! Watching 50 year olds make out is pretty awesome. (I told Seth that in 25 years we had better be like that!)

"The best fireworks show ever heard." (We actually knew that this might happen, all the locals say it happens every year.)

And a trip to SF isn't complete without a visit to Lombard Street (aka the crookedest street in the world.) It was between that and visiting the gayest intersection in the world.

(P.S. I just stumbled upon the blog Seriously, So Blessed and am paranoid that I sound just like the girls being made fun of. Sad!)


Brittney said...

love love love all the photos! I love that you went to Chinatown! We did too in NYC, it was fun! Did you get yelled at to come see all their junk!? Oaklee really wanted this toy from Chinatown, so we bought it for her. It was broken before we even go back to the hotel room! Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

You look like you just stepped out of the opening credits for "Full House" in the postcard pic. Isn't that where that TV show was filmed.

Tricia said...

It absolutely a Full House moment. I loved that show growing up and couldn't miss the chance to see it.

Hulmerus said...

San Fran is so much the photos. Any other fun summer trips planned? I am hoping you will be around I am having a baby shower in Utah on Sept 20th and I need you new address to send you an invite. So email it to me and jonandmeggan@yahoo

Can't wait tto see you, Meggan

Skye said...

I'm dying to go to San Fran. Cody's been looking at jobs in that area....but it's a little pricey.
So, I looked at the Seriously, so blessed blog. I think it's absolutely hilarious. And you don't sound like TAMN by the way. And even if you would be okay. :)