Thursday, June 18, 2009

Videos of Charlie

Well, Charlie has changed some from when she was first born to now. For example, her conehead has gone down some, her face is less swollen, she's not as pale as she first was, and best of all---she's getting more of an attitude (this comes from Tricia)!

This first video is soon after she came into the world and you can see her conehead and pale skin and hear her little cry.

This next video is of her just chillin' in her bed with her eyes wide open, Seth sounding like a dufus dad in love with his baby girl, and Tricia eating like a queen.

COMING SOON....Tricia's Tale of Birth and The Man Behind Tricia's Favorite Medical Miracle--Epidurals


nennermommy said...

OOHH!!! I already love her!!

Jamie said...

love the videos! she's precious. i can't wait to meet her in july!