Sunday, August 02, 2009

Three Big Events!

First Big Event: Charlie was blessed this week! It was a great blessing...she didn't cry through it and Seth remembered her name. What more could you ask for? (She was blessed in the dress my mom made for me when I was blessed. Not bad for being 27 years old, eh?)
Charlotte's great grandma LaRue loved holding her after the blessing.

Second Big Event: Charlie survived her first over night camping trip! She did really, really well and even caught her first fish. Oh, wait. That was her daddy catching his first fish.

Third Big Event: Charlotte's first pony tail! Major right of passage in a girl's life.

And random bit: two things I've kissed this week...Charlie's tongue and her spit up. The little rascal just slips it in right when I'm going in for a big smack on the lips.

P.S. This week Charlie's skin has started looking much better. And Kim was right. It really wasn't acne, it was eczema and cortizone is officially miracle cream. Meggan, if her skin starts looking horrible again I might be calling you because I don't want to use the cortizone too much. Thanks all!


Marisa Jean said...

I'll remember the skin secret for future reference.

Baby blessings are my favorite. I always get emotional during them. I also love that she's wearing your dress--something is so special about that. Yay!

Paige said...

I think I'm starting to see more Seth in her. And Stella still has never worn a ponytail.

Natalie said...

Yeah for the blessing day! You guys look like one happy little family! Fun camping photos.

Jamie said...

i love the photo of you three on her blessing day! so cute! sorry i never called ya last saturday. we got home from bear lake at like noon and had a million things to do before we left for texas the next morning. we'll be back in october though!