Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yes, This Post Is All About My Baby

So deal with it.

Not posting anything for two months pretty much means that I have a lot of pictures. So here we go...

We blame this "cow lick" on Seth. He has one just like it.
Doin' some tummy time on mommy's bed.
We have to strap her into everything now.
Even though the first thing her physical therapist said was, "Wow, look at those pencil legs!" she does have some rolls. They are just little. She'll appreciate the lack of chub when she is older.
Doesn't this look like one of those pictures where they take all the color out except red? Well, it isn't. It is just nap time in mommy's sepia toned room.
Charlie just borrowed this chair from her friend Stella. She likes it.
Ok, she REALLY likes it!
Seth and I took a trip to Zions with our favorite trip friends, the Bolkes. This was the view from our room.
Not too shabby, eh?
The Bolke's have a little girl named Lindi. They are best friends already. They even want to dress alike...
This one is just because it is cute.
Behold the reason Charlie doesn't wear headbands. This happens within five minutes of putting it on. (And I put it on the top of her head, not across her forehead. I swear!)
Charlie, how many times do we get up at night right now? That's right. About four. Grrrr.
Charlie and Great Grandma Maybelle. They had such a wonderful time together!
Four generations!
Double self portrait. I couldn't get Charlie interested in the camera.
Charlie only started to drool once we started tummy time.
This is only mildly angry. You don't want to see the real thing. Trust me.
Doin' the wave. Charlie isn't sure how she feels about this.
Aunt Gwenie made this sweater for Charlie. It is her favorite!
The whole family with my brother Danny. He just left on his mission to South Africa.
Another one just because it is cute.


Jamie said...

i love all the pictures tricia! i don't think i can pick a favorite. what a little cutie she is! we will be in utah 10/20- 10/28 for kody's sister's wedding. i'll call you so we can try to plan a time to get together!

Brittney said...

Love seeing all the pictures. She is beautiful!

Natalie said...

Those are darling Tricia! I'm sure that was so fun to be with Kristen, Rob and their little one! What a cutie she is. Love the commentary.

buhlersdayoff said...

Thanks for sharing all of those adorable pictures :) she is going to be a heart breaker if she hasn't started already!! We need to hang out sometime so we can hold her. Maybe some day when we aren't sick at all if that is ever possible.

Marisa Jean said...

That sweater her aunt made for her is gorgeous! I want one.

And the reason I started doing my own hair at a very young age was because my mom would do similar things with headbands to me. I'm sure you think you put it on further back, but it's probably not true.

Cute pictures!

Hulmerus said...

Nice Smorgasbord of photos....I just love them all and Miss Charlie is soo beautiful.