Thursday, December 17, 2009

.5 Years

Charlie is six months old today. It is amazing to think how the six months prior to her arrival were so long, and hard, and long. (And I even had an easy pregnancy.) And these past six months almost seem like they shouldn't have do I have a six-month-old baby already?

But thank goodness for every one of these days she has been in my life. Consuming my life. And my dreams. And my thoughts. I just love her beautiful blue eyes and her raspy voice. Sometimes I miss her when I put her down for a nap. I am so happy when I hear her little cry saying, "Mom! I'm ready for you to get me now!" (Yes, I can read her mind. I'm her mom.)

Over the past week or so we have had a few parties to go to, and I think Charlie is starting to have separation anxiety. And it is sad to see her little lip turn down as she realizes that it isn't mom or dad holding her. But in a way it makes me happy. I think, "She loves me. She really loves me!"

And I love her.

The way she would rather sit on my lap as I type on the computer than play with her toys on the floor.

The way her hair is constantly in bed-head mode.

Her cat like reflexes. She can grab something within her reach just as I am taking it away...and she isn't even looking at it!

The way she chews her thumb--no sucking!

The way she licks her toys--I already said no sucking!

Her accidental cough-toots.

The way she coos and coos to get my attention and then smiles and bats her eyelashes--her miles long eyelashes--until I just can't stand it and pick her up.

The way her neck is just so kissable. And how her big belly is perfect for raspberries. And how I can't help but SQUEEZE! her chunky legs every time she is sans pants. LOVE. IT.

And some days are hard. But at the same time they aren't. Because I would rather be in a world with a grouchy-poopy-sick-sour smelling baby than in a world without one.

So Charlie, on your six-month birthday I am going to make you cupcakes (and eat them for you) and I am going to light a candle (and blow it out for you) and I am going to make a wish (just for you...well for me too). And it is going to be that you grow healthy and strong, smart and beautiful. But a little slower. Not so fast as these past six months. Because I just want to keep you as you are. Maybe I will make a second wish that everyone in the world could have a six month old. Because you are just perfect. I love you.


The Clarks said...

SO sweet! I want one now!

Erin said...

Now that was tender! I am so glad that you are happy that she is here! I always knew you would be a fabulous mommy!!! Can't wait to see you next week. Oh, Brett wants to go to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday, you guys down?

Marisa Jean said...

Aw. Tender. I'm in that 6-long, very long months pregnancy state. Sigh. I hope I feel the same way in a year from now. By the way, this child has lept forward. I swear you just had her.

Jamie said...

i don't know why but i was tearing up as i read this. i can't believe she is 6 months! i am SO in LOVE with that bottom picture of her. what a little beauty she is trish! you are one lucky mama! miss you!

Anonymous said...

What the 6 months already!! That must mean Lindi's almost 4 months. Yikes. You are one cute mama with one cute babe.

Tiffany said...

This is so sweet! Be sure to print it out and save it for Charlie later!