Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Brownies to Give Hope

If you could add to your food storage and help two little chickens like Benson and Claire, would you do it?!?!?! You should! I know I'm going to! (Remember Benson and Claire are the cuties who both need liver and kidney transplants. I posted about them here.)

More info from Benson and Claire's website:

Food for thought.

Shelf Reliance is doing an amazing thing for Benson and Claire. Listen up.

Shelf Reliance
is a company that specializes in food storage, storage rotation, and emergency-preparedness products. Some very good friends of Jared own this company. When they heard about Benson and Claire and the fund raising efforts going on in their behalf, they wanted to make a difference.

They chose one of their yummiest products--THRIVE Fudge Brownies--developed special packaging for it with Claire and Benson's picture on it, and are donating 100% of each purchased can to the Children's Organ Transplant Association in Claire and Benson's behalf. They are taking no profit for themselves. It is all going to Benson and Claire. This is amazing! Some of my family who already bought some cans said the brownies are Deeeeeelicious!!! Use them now for a quick treat or buy for food storage--they have a shelf life of 20 years! And seriously, if you're living off food storage because of a crisis, what could be better than a chocolate brownie after days and days of cracked wheat and rice!!

This special with the entire brownie purchase going to Claire and Benson's transplant fund will only last through Saturday December 5.

Spread the word for us this week to anyone you think might be interested too! www.shelfreliance.com

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