Sunday, January 03, 2010

Charlie's Christmas

If we all died right now and some aliens came and found my pictures from Christmas 2009 they would believe that Charlie is the only one who received any gifts. Memo to myself: take more pictures of the WHOLE family. Also, take more pictures in general. Here are the few that were taken from this year.

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house and Santa found us!

Charlie's favorite part of Christmas was the paper. Yummy!

She got a stroller for Christmas! Yea for being able to face forward!

She also got a high chair. Yea for food!

She also got cups, bibs, and toys that go along with a high chair. Santa is thorough.

And my mom made her this adorable poncho. So. Cute.
She of course got a lot of other amazing, fun, adorable gifts that I didn't get pictures of. Thanks to all of our friends and family members that made this an awesome Christmas!

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