Friday, January 22, 2010

Problem Solved

Charlie is so messy. Her stuff is just everywhere! Observe her bedroom:

Hello messy! She just drops her books at the side of her chair when I am done reading them to her. She is just too lazy to put them away where they belong. Or at least put them in a neat stack. Enter the solution:

A book-hangy thingy! I am so proud of this little contraption. Not because I thought of it--I found it on because it only took me an hour to sew and only cost $6.50. I like solutions like that!


m. said...

good job! i love that. i am totally going to do that in between the girls beds when i make "the girls'" room. i was just thinking the other day that the hardest thing to split up when i split rooms will be books & that i didn't want to buy another book shelf. & i love the buttons on your chair. this is meghan stubbs by the way :).

Jared and Kim said...

Kim did that in Addison's room a few months ago, it sure helps keep the room tidied up.

Natalie said...

I LOVE THAT IDEA! Thanks for sharing!

Marisa Jean said...

You are such a craft-queen. I love the ideas!