Monday, February 01, 2010

Accounting For January's and Introducing February's 21-Day Habit

My 21-day habit for January was to get up at 7:30 a.m. and do P90X. Half of that goal is now a habit! (Take what you can get people.)

I still can't quite get up at 7:30 no matter how early I go to bed. My internal clock only knows that there is one 7:30 in a day, and it happens to fall in the evening. But the more important habit of exercising five times a week has been established.

I don't own a scale, so I can't tell you if I am loosing weight. I actually fell a bit flabbier because exercising has made me more aware of how far I have to go. However, I have noticed that I am a lot more flexible than I was January 1. I also have more stamina and don't yell at Tony (the P90X instructor) to shut his trap as much as I did in the beginning. So I feel I'm getting somewhere. We'll see where the next 60 days takes me...

But on to February's 21-day habit. I like to call it Experiments in Homemaking! Did you know that some people vacuum EVERY week...maybe even daily?!? And some people wash their kitchen counters EVERY day?!? And some people make their beds after sleeping in them, not just when company is coming over?!? This isn't a rumor folks.

Now that I am home more often, and now that I have a baby with a LOT of stuff, I am realizing that maybe I need to learn how to flex my homemaking muscles a little bit more. So for the month of February Seth and I are going to be tidying up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before we go to bed. This means:
  • all toys are put where they belong.
  • dishwasher is started and ALL pots and pans are washed and put away.
  • our new little coat station is all cleaned up.
  • our kitchen table and counters are clear.
  • anything else I may decide to make Seth do.
No, this isn't extreme. It will probably take us less than 10 minutes every night. But it will make a big difference in my house. I am very excited to wake up every morning to a clean first floor. Here's to a happy, and clean, February!


Marisa Jean said...

I would last one week with this task. This is why I'm deemed the "messy" one in our family--a title I'm okay keeping so long as I don't have to make my bed everyday. :) Good luck!

Natalie said...

I love it!!

Kelsey Norwood said...

First of all, a new habit every month is a very good idea. And I really like February's habit. We totally need to do this...