Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm starting to realize that how much freedom I have is in direct correlation to how much freedom Charlie has.

Yesterday Charlie figured out how to rollover. Both ways. She is a maniac. Every time I look at her she is in a different position. Sitting up. Now on her stomach. Now on her back. Now back to her stomach. Now by the couch. Now close to the fire place. So in one day she gained a whole ton of freedom. I lost a whole bunch of mine.

(PS This movie is really long. Just watch the first 45 seconds and be amazed at the skills this girl gained in ONE DAY. She had never, ever rolled from her back to her front before. Also if you want to see another video of her rolling over go here.)

I knew this day would come. But still, I'm a little sad about it. She hasn't figured out how to scoot herself forward yet, so I can at least be happy with that. She is getting really close though:

And that isn't the only thing she learned yesterday. She also figured out that she doesn't just have to sit in her high chair and eat. She can also look around, play with the spoon, and lick her bib. It now takes twice as long to feed her and twice as much effort. Again, more freedom for Charlie, less freedom for me.

"Mmmm. This spoon is just sooo good."


m. said...

so cute! go charlie! you guys should come over & play. afton would love it.

m. said...

by the way, this totally reminds me of when sobe was first eating. she h a d to hold the spoon, so i would always use two spoons when feeding her. she got one, then when i fed her a bite, she would grab that spoon, & so on. we would just keep trading spoons. it worked! that picture is so cute.