Sunday, April 18, 2010


Seth's brother Jed and sister Jenni are now proud owners of three proud mama goats, all with three babies each. And they should be very proud. The babies are cute little suckers. Charlie loved petting them.

Everywhere we go Charlie is pretty serious. She can be happy or wary or annoyed but she doesn't let it show to strangers. But when she was petting those goats little giggles kept erupting. She just couldn't keep the happy in.

Charlie liked looking at the goats more than holding them.

This is Braden and Beth and in the picture below is Caleb. They single-handedly helped deliver one mama goat because their dad was in a work meeting and couldn't be reached. They are really good caretakers. These goats are lucky!


Erin said...

I LOVE her piggytails!!! The goats are cute too!

Mark and Lachelle said...

I have to admit, whenever I pet goats, I giggle too ;)