Thursday, May 06, 2010

Goodnight My Baby

Charlie is (usually) such a sweetheart when it is bedtime. She snuggles up to me as I read her a few books, she'll gently stroke my face as she drinks her bottle, and she stares into my eyes as I sing her a lullaby. Well, she stared into my eyes last week. Now she has decided that my singing isn't good enough, so she sings with me. Ok, it's not so much singing with me as trying to drown out the sound of my voice with her own. I admit that I'm not the best singer around. But isn't an almost 11 month old not really supposed to understand that her mom is a lousy singer?


Erin said...

Whatever, I don't believe it. Remember how we are the best singers around? Don't forget it!

Janel said...

Beth that would not allow me to rock or sing to her. I developed quite the complex thinking she would start crying or hit at me because I was such a bad singer. Quickly learned, it wasn't me, it was her. Such a stinker!

Tiffany said...

Jane always got upset at me when I tried singing to her. Always. Lucy has been much more into music and starts bopping any time she hears a catchy tune. She's usually happy when I sing to her...until today at church. She gave me the same mean "stop that, Mom" grunt and look that Jane always used as the children were singing Mother's Day songs up front and I was gently singing along with Lucy on my lap. Is Jane influencing her, or am I that bad of a singer? I feel you.