Monday, September 06, 2010

A Few More Pictures

I have a confession. I was having too much fun to take many pictures on my vacation in Virginia. At the time it was just too much of a hassle, but now I'm mad about it. But here are a few of the few I took.

Jane and Charlie got a long really well. When Charlie wasn't with mommy she wanted to be with Jane! Lucy and Charlie, however, were a little too young to play well together. But next time we visit I bet they are best friends!

Here is Tiffy, Donny, Jane, and Lucy at Virginia Beach. On the Saturday we were there Donny and Jane spent about seven hours on the beach straight. The rest of us took turns napping with the little ones in the hotel.

Here we are having the time of our lives. I had just come in from body surfing (which I am a total pro at BTW) so I'm not exactly put together.

We also went to the Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport. We saw this space shuttle as well as many, many other famous planes--such as the Enola Gay. Can you remember why that plane is so important without looking it up? Seth, Tiffy and I were trying to remember what it was and we all got it wrong. I think I need to go back to school and study history.

Other fun things we did:
-We went to the National Zoo. Very awesome, but oh my the heat! The humidity! This is Seth and my first time to visit D.C. during the summer and when we were at the zoo literally DRIPPING sweat we swore we will never again go during the summer. NEVER!!!! It was so gross.
-Seth and I went on a tour of the Capitol Building. I swear the whole thing has been set aside for tourists and all the real work happens in the buildings surrounding it. (Side note: did you know that each state gets to put two statues in the Capitol. Utah's are Philo T. Farnsworth--guess who he is without looking it up!!! Seth and I got it right!--and the second one is Brigham Young. After the tour I was looking at some of the other state's statues. Out of all of the historical figures Florida could choose they chose the inventor of air conditioning. After my experience at the zoo I think it makes total and complete sense. I think we should all pay our respects to that man.)
-Of course our trip-within-our-trip to Virginia Beach was amazing...but the ride home must be mentioned. A 4-hour trip turned into a 7-hour tour of Virginia side roads. Tiffy and I decided that a GPS can give a man a sense of security they shouldn't have. Whenever there was a slow down on the main roads Seth and Donny would just ask the GPS to reroute us and off we would go on crazy side streets and little country roads. Good thing none of us get car sick.
-Seth and Donny thought they were too manly to reapply sunscreen and they got soooooooo burnt. They were so red and sore that they had to buy a special aloe with pain killers in it. I just kept asking them how it could have happened. Aren't they adults?!?! Adults know to put on sunscreen! Geesh.

Yea for vacations!


Erin said...

Yay, I totally got it right too! Isn't there a museum or something on the way to BYU-I? I think that is how i knew. Anyway, seems like such a fun vacay. Really wish we could have made it. But another time for sure!

Andrea Grover said...

I was as confused as ever when I saw Philo's statue at the Capitol representing Utah. I mean, doesn't Rigby claim him? But after doing a little research (he was born and died in Utah, I discovered), I decided you can claim him.

Emily said...

I like Charlie's cool LASER STROLLER in the Air and Space museum! She looks like she's from outer space.

Mark and Lachelle said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I'm thinking I need to go on a trip and body surf too! :)
I can't believe how big Charlie is getting! They grow up too dang fast!