Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Just Do It!

I'm referring to this month's habit as "Just Do It." (Thank you Nike for letting me borrow your slogan for a month.) There are so many things around my house that only take a few minutes to do and I always seem to be waiting for the time to do them.

For example: my mirror in my downstairs bathroom needs to be cleaned. I am waiting for when I have time to mop the floor, wipe and polish the counter, scrub the faucet, and clean the toilet just so I can have a clean mirror. When am I going to find the time to do all of that? So my mirror never gets clean. UNTIL NOW! With my Just Do It theme in full force I will just clean the dang mirror and get on with my life. Just a few minutes of spray and wipe and I will no longer have the thought "I really need to clean this mirror" every time I walk in that bathroom. (Wow, that was a long example.)

Second example: I need to call my friend. For some reason I just keep letting other things get in the way. Geesh, just call her! You like talking to her. You enjoy the time spent doing it. Just do it already!

So today was my first day "Just Doin' It" and I took on a very big project that I may have put off just one more day--and it would have ruined everything! Today I canned a huge box of nectarines off the tree in my front yard. If I would have waited one more day they all would have been too ripe and I would have had to ground myself for bad behavior. But they have turned out perfectly. All 18 jars of them. (Wow. It was a lot of work.) So thank you September Habit. You have already changed my life.


Erin said...

I hope I am the person you need to call!!! :) Really!!! We need to talk so we can plan a time to play!

Lizzy said...

OK Trisha, I'll follow your example.
I'm finally commenting. Did you know I was lurking?

I just kept waiting for the right post to comment on. I'll stop waiting.

Haven't seen you in forever. Hope all is well!

Kelsey said...

I think you told me about this idea a few months (maybe's been a fast summer.) ago and I always remember when I see something small in my bathroom that's driving me crazy. I need to recommit to just doing it too. I think I'll jump on board with this habit!