Monday, September 27, 2010


Charlie has started loving animals lately. We go through this scenario quite often:

Me: Charlie, what does a dog say?
Charlie: Wruf, wruf, wruf.
Me: What does a cat say?
Charlie: Ki-ee, ki-ee (I don't know why kitties don't say meow, but I'll take it)
Me: What does a lion say?
Charlie: Wrar, wrar
Me: What does a fish say?
Charlie: (sucking noises)
Me: What does a horsie say?
Charlie: Ne, ne
Me: What does a sheep say?
Charlie: Ba, ba
Me: What does a chicken say?
Charlie: Ba, ba (supposed to be bock, bock)
Me: What does a cow say?
Charlie: (silence)

I'm not sure what it is, but Charlie doesn't seem to like cows. It's like they are dead to her. She doesn't even acknowledge that I've asked the question. I have this to say to cows: I'm not sure how you have offended her, but you need to apologize. I'm sure Charlie's moooooos are adorable and I want to hear them!

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Jamie said...

that's funny because most kids love to say mooooo! sadie sure does! i think it was one of her first animal noises. i can't believe how grown up charlie is getting. it's just crazy how time flies!