Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Fist Pump

When Charlie gets super excited she does a fist pump. When she gets super, super excited she does a fist pump, body wiggle. You can see both in this video.

Ever since Charlie has realized that horses live right across the street from us we have to go visit them everyday. Therefore I get to see the fist pump, body wiggle everyday. It is one of the highlights of daily life right now.


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious. I like the fist pump.

Lizzy said...

John wishes to know about your widget.
Should you be a "faun"
Be a "Bambi"

I'll smack him now.

Tricia said...

I actually think it is Rudolph from the old claymation movies, minus the red nose. :)

Marisa Jean said...

Ha! So funny! I love it! She is stinkin' cute, may I add. Those pigtails crack me up!