Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scary is Best

Charlie is slightly obsessed with princess movies lately, but extremely obsessed with the scary parts in movies.

Whenever we happen to be near a bunch of trees Charlie cannot rest until we have gone on a walk through the "Scary, Scary, Forest!" She always comments on the eyes watching her, and the hands grabbing her. (Snow White)

And whenever she wants me to tell her a story she wants it to be about a dragon. Breathing fire! And a sword stabs it! (Sleeping Beauty)

She also loves singing the "Mermaid Song" which is the one where Ariel sings aaa-aaa-aaa, aaa-aaa-aaa up the scales. Charlie emphatically says "KEEP SINGING" just like Ursula does in the movie. (I think Ursula is her favorite.)

She also loves when the Evil Queen turns herself into the Old Lady in Snow White. However, now when she sees real, sweet old ladies she points at them and says "Scary, scary, scary!" And I have to assure her that most old ladies are not trying to poison her.

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Marisa Jean said...

She is totally a character. Ha ha! I love this! I think you'll be very happy in the future that you documented this! :)