Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our First Garden

We have a garden this year. Why have I waited so long to give it a try? It is so fun! And really not as much work as I thought it would be. Unfortunately it also isn't as fruitful as I want a garden to be. So far this is what we have...

watermelon: died
cantaloupe: one tiny fruit on the vine
zucchini: five medium sized squashes
yellow squash: one squash
butternut squash: one squash
pumpkin: one squash (are pumpkins squash?)
four tomato plants: one red tomato; countless green tomatoes

If you count the watermelon and zucchini as outliers and throw them out, do you notice a pattern? Only ONE fruit per plant?!? Geez. I guess I need to plant things in a place that gets more than four house of sunlight a day.

We also have a garden box in a community garden space with lots of sunlight. I planted carrots, green onions, cucumber, and...SIX tomatillo plants. I just found out that ONE plant would have done me just fine. But when I asked the nursery if they had tomatillos they gave me six. So I planted six. I was planning on making a little bit of tomatillo dressing like they have at Cafe Rio and now I am planning on canning a whole bunch of tomatillo salsa. Hopefully I like it. If not I'll keep it in my food storage and pour it over my wheat kernels when the world is coming to an end. I'm sure I'll be grateful for it then.


Lizzy said...

We have our first garden this year too. Unfortunately the bunnies seem to be eating most of it. But we still have tomatoes and peppers. But our squash and zucchini have all been nibbled.

Anonymous said...

maybe you could save some of our plum jam for that wheat kernel/tomatillo salsa meal