Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Seth's birthday was on Saturday and a few days before I told Charlie that she needed to get a present for him. She automatically got a big smile on her face, put her hands up to her mouth, gasped, and said in a whisper, "Ooooh, fruit snacks?!?!" I told her that was a great idea. Then she said, "Daddy, share? Daddy SHARE!!!!" She was positively giggly about it.

So the day before his birthday I told Charlie it was time to wrap his present. So she went down to our horde of fruit snacks and picked the Toy Story variety for Seth (I'm not sure if she thought that the Princess or Tinkerbell varieties weren't manly enough for him or if she wanted to keep those ones for herself). Then she picked a bright pink bag with brighter pink polka dots to wrap it in.

Ya'll might think that fruit snacks wrapped in a bright pink bag are not that exciting of a present for Seth. But I'll tell ya, he LOVED them and Charlie's reaction when he opened them. And then Charlie loved them as he shared.

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Marisa Jean said...

I so look forward to the day that my child can choose gifts--just to see the reaction and to witness what they choose.

I love the fruit snack choice. What a cute daughter!