Thursday, December 01, 2011

Compliment Game

The other evening Charlie and I were reading The Friend magazine before bedtime. I read her a story about a Sharing Time activity where kids told compliments to other kids. She quickly gets bored of stories that don't have enough pictures, so I had the idea to play the game ourselves. I told her that I would say something nice about her and then she would need to say something nice about me. She thought it was a great idea! It went something like this...

Me: Charlie, you are very smart.
Charlie: You go to Disneyland. (I really do think she thinks this is the nicest thing you could say to or about anyone.)

Me: You are nice to your friends.
Charlie: You put blanket on Belle.

Me: You have a beautiful smile.
Charlie: You turn on my fan.

And on and on. We probably did 20 rounds and she never said the same thing twice. My goal is to play the game again and remember everything she says. She is so creative!

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