Tuesday, February 14, 2012


On the day we found out the baby in my belly is a boy we asked Charlie, "What is a good name for a baby boy?" Automatically, without any thinking about it or question in her voice, she said, "BEAST." So Beast he has been this whole time.

We are so comfortable with this name that with only seven weeks left Beast is still the only name Seth and I can agree on for the little guy. Charlie often talks to him, "Beast! Be nice to mommy!" "Beast! Good morning!" Etc, etc. And like many other kids with an imagination she has come to believe she too has a baby in her belly. Her baby's name is Belle. Surprise, surprise. If I ever try to tickle her in her belly, she'll say, "Don't hurt my baby!"

Over the past few months I've been getting ready for our little guy to come by buying clothes, making blankets, etc. And just about every time I buy a new little outfit Charlie will ask, "Who that for?" and I'll say, "Beast." She'll get an upset look on her face and say, "What 'bout Belle mom?!?" How dare I buy something for my baby and not hers! So even though we have two months until D-Day (delivery day) jealousy has already arrived. Sheesh!


Brittney said...

I just hope he does not come out and look like the Beast!:) Congrats you guys!

Lizzy said...

According to a random google search the Beast's real name is Prince Adam. Does that help?


Natalie said...

Good luck coming up with a name....that's the hardest part, I think!!! Can't say Beast would be my top pick, but ya know....it's all good :)

Thanks for the b-day wishes! Good luck preparing for your little guy's arrival! It'll be here before ya know it!