Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Graham's Monster Room

Here is a peek at Graham's monster bedroom. I still have a few details I need to finish...but who knows if they will ever actually get done, right?!?!

The monsters above the crib are printed from Costco's print gallery.

I made the monsters in these cages. If they do make it out of their cages I'm sure they are more likely to cuddle you than kill you.

This little frog monster is from Lowes. Who knew they had such cute decor?
The "details"that still need to be finished include a few pictures I want to print and put in frames.
Seth, Charlie, and I made these handprint monsters for FHE before Graham was here. Charlie added an extra hand print behind my handprint monster and we decided to keep it for the memories. :)
Seth and I (but mostly Seth at my insistance) made the frame for this mirror (that was left over from a bathroom remodel). I saw a big orange framed mirror at IKEA for $120 and I figured we could make one for much less. This one cost us around $40.
I fell in love with some bumpers on a deal website but they were sold out before I made up my mind to buy them. I keep waiting for them to sell them again...cross your fingers for me! So the crib will be bare until I figure something else out.
I LOVE my new rocker/recliner! Makes the multiple night feedings much more bearable. Also in this picture is the first quilt I have EVER made. I love it. I also made the pillow just because I had some extra material already sewed together from the quilt. And the curtains are black-out curtains that I sewed some orange material to. They make Graham's room nice and dark during the day.
 The end.
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Kim said...

OH MY GOSH. I loooooove this! I love every single thing about it. Those stuffed monsters are the cutest things on the planet. And your quilt is adorable. Did you even make a matching boppy cover?

Tricia said...

No way! Making a boppy cover would be waaaaay too complicated. It is just a cover from Wally World that matched the colors of the room. It is animal themed. :)

MariePhotographie said...

So cute, Tricia!

Marisa Jean said...

Who are you?!? That room is beyond amazing and ssssoooo creative! I wanna move into it!

Mom said...
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Tiffany said...

Super cute! I am amazed at all you were able to accomplish in there!!! Love the Monster theme.

Kelsey said...

I love it all, it's so cute! Love the bright colors. I have such a hard time using more than two colors and a neutral, I need to incorporate more colors in my life! Way to go! (And I need to return your monster cart!!)