Friday, February 17, 2006


And the countdown begins…only 40 more days until I go to Southern California! I feel like imitating the Expedia commercial and going to the store to buy all the travel size shampoos and toothbrushes and 10-packs of Q-tips I can get my hands on. Oooh, maybe I can also go to all the department stores to look at luggage and in the end tell the sales people I don’t really need anything because I’m only going to be taking my swimsuit and sun glasses. And, I’ll call all my friends and relatives just to see if they will be willing to check on my house while I’m gone…“gone where? To SoCal, of course!”

Why would I do this, you ask? Just to announce, “I am outta here, suckers!” (Without actually have to say that, ‘cause it is kinda rude.)

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