Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Presidents' Day Weekend

I took a few pictures to chronicle my Presidents' Day weekend, and I wanted to share them.

On Saturday Jared Higbee, one of Seth's childhood friends, woke us up at the crack of 9:30 so he could help us put up a chair rail in our bedroom. It is nice to have a friend so excited to help us. Otherwise it may never have gotten done. This is me cutting a piece of the rail with a miter saw. I also used a router and a nail gun that day. Me Tricia. Me Manly.


This "easy" project took us until 6:00 that evening and we still had to kick Jared out because he wanted to help us finish caulking. However, we had to get ready to babysit...

This is my nephew Collin. While he and his brother Ian were over we built a fort with the coffee table and they kept hitting their heads. Hence the hat.


Collin is one of the twelve nieces and nephews who act as a great birth control for Seth and I. They are a ton of fun, but I'm glad it's their parents who have to do all the work.

On Sunday we went over to Boyd and Kelsey's house. Boyd is Seth's younger brother.


We were playing our new favorite Game Settler's of Catan. Kelsey won the first game and Boyd the second. But I am glad to say that we played with my brothers the next weekend and I smoked 'em!

On Monday I went out with my Mom, my cousin Jamie, and my Aunt Jodi. It was a surprise because my Aunt lives in Dallas and I didn't know she was in town.


Then we went to my mom's house where I made some curtains for my bedroom. This is me sewing with my Grandma's ancient hemmer.


So there you go. My weekend in a nutshell.

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