Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Seth and I just returned from Cali two days ago. We had a blast hanging out with my prego sister Tiffany and her husband Donny. (When Donny pushed his stomach out he looked way more pregnant than Tiffy, hehehe.)

We went to Seaworld...

S&T Seaworld2

S&T Aquarium

and the San Diego Zoo...

Seth Flamingos

(Ok, this really isn't at the zoo. It is at Seaworld, too. I don't have any pictures of the zoo because Seth and I have yet to buy a card for our digital camera. We have a limit of about 10 pics right now.)

I officially have a new favorite animal called a Tapir. I think it is a type of pig. Its nose is also its upper lip (think about it--that is weird) and it is very friendly. I told Seth that if we ever own a farm we have to have one. However they are a "threatened" species and so I think we may have to break some laws to make that happen. Oh, and I don't think we will ever own a farm. My sister has a picture on her camera so I will get it from her although you will still not be able to appreciate the pure wonder of a Tapir.

We also went to the beach and I learned how to surf. Just kidding. It was way too cold to think about putting on a bathing suit. But we did see an infestation of sand crabs. It was quite disgusting.

The weekend ended with the wedding of my cousin Brian--the actual reason for going to California. It was the first traditional wedding I have ever been to and it was really fun. I have never been offered so much alcohol in my life. If I drank it would have been awesome!

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