Friday, March 17, 2006

$10 dates

Seth and I have been doing $10 dates ever since the summer we were engaged. Why? Because I was tired of the classic Friday night dialogue, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" So this forces us to think of something creative, fun, and cheap to do every Friday night. We switch off, so I only have to think of something twice a month. And if it is the other person's turn we heartily laugh at them as we walk out the door in the morning, knowing they will be fretting over the date all day.

I think Seth comes up with the best ideas. He is great because he knows I love the date twice as much when I know he has put some thought into it. One time he decided we would go to a play we had never heard of at the University of Utah. We showed up early to make sure we could get tickets, and the 25-seat theater never got full in the first place. It was a play without a plot, with mind-numbing monologues, horrible acting, and hideous makeup (tip to all makeup artists: they don’t look old just because you draw brown lines all over their faces). However, I loved it because I know he had planned it out and didn’t just settle for the first thought that entered his head. (I must admit, however, if that was a first date I would have been totally unimpressed.) We made fun of it the whole way home.

Another favorite of mine was when Seth borrowed a movie from someone and we got to spend the entire $10 on candy. We came home and built a fort in the front room so that we could lay in it and watch the movie. The only bad part was that I was tending my parent’s dog, Lady, and she insisted on sitting in between us. Sometimes it is great just being kids.

Seth and I love being together so much that we don’t often think to invite others on our dates. However, I have a ton of fun when we are able to get together with friends and eat dinner and play games. If anybody ever wants to play Settlers of Catan, just let me know. I will schedule you in for the next $10 date I am in charge of.


paige said...

we still have to play, I had beginner's luck the first and only time I played settlers of catan and won...bwahaha

Kim said...

I want to play too. How about May 5th?

Tricia said...

Ok, May 5th it is! If there isn't a Real game that day.