Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ward (Name) Calling

Well, the Bishop didn't end up meeting with me because of a scheduling conflict. (Mainly that Seth forgot it was my mother's birthday the day he set up the appointment with me and the Bish.) So the bishop let Seth extend me the calling of 2nd Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. This is cool in many ways: 1) Seth got to extend the calling to me AND set me apart (he cried--it was so cute), 2) I get to be in Young Women's--no more Relief Society, and 3) I can finally make friends in the ward.

I know you all must be thinking, "Tricia have no friends? It can't be true!" But sure enough, I get kinda shy when trying to make new friends and I forget to do the things that would eventually lead to introduce myself to people, or invite people to my house, or remember people's names. Now I am actually doing some of those things! In fact I invited a couple over to my house today and we are going to play Settlers...and I'm going to kick their rear ends. I hope me and what's-their-names can still be friends after that.


dp said...

Men crying is NOT cute. Touching, romantic, uncomfortable and embarrassing would all be suitable adjectives. Not cute. Bad Trish.

Other than that glaring error, excellent post Trish.

Tricia said...

I promise it was really cute and touching and he was embarrassed which made it even more cute.

Paige said...

You cheated on us and played Settlers with a different couple?! I should have known. You have that shifty-eyed look about you.