Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fire!Fire!Fire! (Works That Is)

This is my country! Land that I love!

I love the 4th of July. I’m very patriotic, which is why I refuse to eat anything besides hot dogs, apple pie, potato salad, and cheetos the whole month of July. This is also why I was extra excited about being invited to the STADIUM OF FIRE by my mom at the last minute. I’ve heard about the SOF for many years and have never gone because of the many dollars required to purchase tickets. However, my mom decided to splurge this year and got $50 seats! We were totally on the front row on the 40 yard line. This is what our view should have looked like…


However, this is what my view looked like…

Blocked View

Talk about a disappointment. But that only lasted a few minutes before Mr. Tubaman was gone. However, he had to march back to the sidelines and face us, so I decided to try to make him laugh by taking his picture.

Tuba Boy

It didn’t work. But I did make the flute player next to him crack a smile. I’m sure they thought I was annoying.

Anyway, the opening number was AWESOME, and then it got even AWESOMER! I saw Taylor Hicks! I love him and I totally knew he was going to win American Idol, so now I feel like we are friends. Here is a cute picture of my new best friend. I know you might not be able to tell, but he it totally looking at me in this picture.

Taylor Hicks

You can’t find a picture like that anywhere on the American Idol website. Don’t you feel privileged to see it here? I would if I were you.

One of the good things about going to STADIUM OF FIRE is I got to hang out with my grandma who is now on her mission in England. She reported to the MTC two days after we went. Aren’t my mom and grandma so cute?

Mom and Grandma

At the end of the show there was the most beautiful fireworks display.


Fireworks one


Fireworks two


Fireworks three

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…There are ashes in my eye! Make it stop!

Once we cried out all the ashes Seth and I realized we had a great time. Look how patriotic and happy we are!

Patriotic Seth and Tricia

There will never be another 4th of July like it…unless my mom springs for $50 tickets again.


dp said...

I am proud of you, I think that was wonderful, and I think better than
any heirloom.
For, you know…
(arm's in cradle motion)

Tricia said...

Thanks Dave!