Thursday, September 14, 2006

Divine Bathroom

Seth and I recently finished a bathroom remodel. (Ok, we still have to buy a toilet paper holder and put baseboards on, but it is practically finished.) We are very proud of ourselves, and I must admit that these pictures don't do the new or old bathroom justice. The old bathroom was much worse than the pictures show, and the new bathroom is much more heavenly. The old had ugly mold stains on the linoleum, and we had tried to sand and stain the cabinets but it made them uglier than ever. The new bathroom features beautiful hand-laid tile (I’m sure all tile is hand laid, but we did it ourselves—that was three days of heck!) and a mirror that only cost $17.87 (don’t prices like that just make things more beautiful!). Let me know what you think, and if any of you want to pay for my fabulous interior design services—I'm very affordable.



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Tiffany Hallman said...

I LOVE your new bathroom!! I am very impressed! And where on earth did you find a mirror so cheap?! Great job!