Sunday, September 10, 2006

Itty Bitty Blog Post (NOT!)

The Labor Day weekend started off with a very fun and exciting $10 Date. It is the 14th annual Itty Bitty Salt Lake City contest! Seth and I discovered this little gem of a date last year. In fact we were featured in the paper because of it.

I quote exactly..."Seth and Tricia Norwood of Salt Lake City had fun even after they discovered how serious the other contestants were. 'I'm not sure,' says Tricia, 'but I think they had invested in infarared goggles, walkietalkies and heavy-duty mountain bikes to complete the couse. All I could say was, Bring it on! I plan on getting tough next year.'" (I tried to take a picture of the article but my camera doesn't pick up news print very well. It just looked like a blob.)

We missed two of the clues last year, but this year we really plan on finding them all. We know the amount of time it takes to walk 20 city blocks, so we started on Friday. On the way we saw a live news broadcast.

I think I made him mess up when I took his picture! He is smiling because he totally choked on his words.

Anyway, Seth found the first clue.

This is what we were looking for.

This is what we found.

I was a little bit bitter because just a minute before that I told Seth I was sure I would find the first clue.

But I got over it quickly because I found the next clue.

Take that Seth.

But then he got me back by finding the next two clues.


It really is quite frustrating for me because I am looking at every nook and cranny of every building and then Seth gets a little bit bored and wanders off and finds the clues. Good thing we are on the same team.

So by the time we found these four clues we had walked about four blocks and were starving, so we decided to eat at the next “quaint” place we found. I’ve talked to a lot of people who find it absurd to go to a city with a million unique bistros and cafes and then eat at a chain restaurant. (I’m sure these are the same people who refuse to shop at Walmart but can’t give up their Target.) Anyway, we decided to eat at one of those unique places you can only find in Salt Lake City.

A horrible decision. We came upon a charming delicatessen that looked like it might offer cheap but good food. (We were on a $10 date after all.) They only had German offerings, and I was excited about it until I read the menu.

After a lengthy decision making process I ordered the Bratwurst.

Seth ordered the Wiener schnitzel.

They were both gross. I couldn’t wait to get out of the joint, but just in the nick of time I saw the most perfect looking wall of chocolate. It saved the evening.

After eating this little piece of heaven…

…I have decided that Americans don’t know how to make chocolate bars. They make something that should be called “brown, digestible wax bars.”

And as we were sitting in the delicatessen forcing the sauerkraut down our throats I saw another couple looking for the Itty Bitty Salt Lake City clues and I saw them find one! (So that counts as me finding one. My date, my rules.)

So the score is Seth 3; Tricia 2; Team Norwood 5.

And this concludes the longest post ever.

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Tiffany Hallman said...

You know...we had German food in doesn't really get much better than what it sounds like you had in SLC. I am SO glad, though, that you found the chocolate...MUCH MUCH better than chocolate here in the States! We ended up bringing back an insane amount of chocolate from Germany because it was so delish. Yummm...