Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Love Seattle, part 1

Blogging about an awesome trip can be very intimidating. That is why I decided to only blog 37 pictures instead of all 136 I took on the trip and to also split it up in parts so I don't feel like it is a task I can't accomplish. However, it is also quite intimidating because I want to make this trip look like we were having the time of our lives (which we were) so that all the snotty-nosed wimps who decided not to come to the BYU-Idaho reunion are really jealous they didn't come. (Only five of about 10-12 of Seth's old "roommates" came.) We are hoping for a better turn out next year. So here goes...

Before my trip everyone was telling me how beautiful Seattle is. And they were right. No disappointment here! Seth was gracious enough to let me lean across his lap long enough to snap this picture. Thanks Seth! You are so generous!

Seth was met by Will and Nick with a big butt-grab hug from Nick, who was polite enough to just give me a normal hug--always a gentleman-- and then we were whisked away to a beautiful lake house for the day.

We had a ton of fun...I saw Pricey again for the first time since he was about a month old...

We went jet skiing...Go Nick and Telly!

(Please ignore the gang sign Nick is flashing. However, seeing gang signs in Poulsbo is quite common because Nick does teach them to all the high school kids.)

After enough double daring and double DOG daring, the boys jumped into the lake...

We also saw some carnies at the lake. I think this one was called "The Whitest Boy in the World." So if your eyes are sensitive to light, look away...

That night we watch a fascinating documentary on giant snakes. Did you know they can eat a human? And they don't kill you by suffocating you, they kill you by crushing your bones. Just wanted to let you know. We also introduced them to their new favorite game...Settlers! (If you haven't played yet, just let me know and I'll have you over.)

The next morning we went to Will's house for a moment before church. Seth and I tried to take a picture of ourselves...

Oops! Too much double chin Tricia!

Oops! Too much single chin Tricia!

Geez! I can never get it right!

At church I realized they have dry-council Sunday in Seattle, too! The church really is the same everywhere.

After church we went to Nick and Telly's house where I saw the coolest caterpillar ever!

I was amazed to see such a cute, furry bug, but Telly says they have to kill bugs like this every day. I guess the cuteness wears off after awhile.

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