Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Love Seattle, part II

After church Nick and Telly took us to a beautiful beach with a lighthouse. It may be the first lighthouse I have ever seen. (Kinda squatty, but you take what the Seattlers give ya!)

After a short stroll we were able to say that we had a genuine "wind blown" look.

After the beach we were able to go to the Poulsbo city center. If you know Nick and Will you would probably be expecting slums, trash, and transients everywhere. But you would be wrong! It is a quaint little place.

Look how happy it makes everybody.

That night we played Settlers again. This came very close to ruining the entire trip for me. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never want to play with anyone from Seattle again because I didn't even come close to winning.

The next day I realized I truly was in a land of ferries. I realized this as we watched the one we wanted to catch pull away from Poulsbo without us on it. I was kinda glad we missed it because I felt like I got a genuine Seattle experience. And it was a great adventure. Imagine: Nick in the lead sprinting with two strollers, 4-year-old Kelby running with all his might right behind him, next came Seth wheeling two over-stuffed suitcases, then me holding Price, with Telly and little Stelly rounding out the bunch. We were all running frantically hoping to jump on at the last minute. Alas, it was not to be. So we hung out for an hour or so until the next ferry came along.

Onboard we got the manmade-windblown look:

I also got my first look at the Spaceneedle. All the pictures I've seen of it are lies! They make it seem like it is nestled in the middle of all the Seattle skyscrapers, but it is so far away!

See! It is practically all by itself.

When we got off the ferry we were met by the biggest fairy of them all...just kidding Adam! There are bigger fairies in Seattle than you! Here are the boys who are so happy to be together.

(Nick--We need to talk about what "smile for the camera" means!)

Soon we were whisked away to Pike Place, where the world-famous fish stand is. Being there made me wonder how the fish stand makes any money. Everybody was just standing around waiting for a show. No one was buying fish.

After a few minutes I started feeling bad that no money was being spent so I decided to buy something. I went down a couple shops and bought this delicious apple. Very nutritious, I'm sure.

(Yes, that is a ray of light shining down on it from heaven.)

For lunch we decided to eat at one of those you-can-only-find-it-in-Seattle type places, Ivars. I started taking a few pictures:

Smile Adam and Alex! (Alex is a friend of Will's from school.)

Say cheese Will!

Hey Adam, take one of us!

Oh, is this how they teach you to take pictures at Notre Dame? Well, we like to take pictures like grown ups here, so try again. Here let me show you...

And that is how Adam got all camera privileges taken away from him.

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