Monday, October 09, 2006

This Seattle Blog Must End! (aka Part III)

Ok, this blog is not all about Seattle I swear! So this is the end of it. (I just have to keep going because I know I will never do anything else with these pictures. So you are stuck with them!)

I got to see the first Starbucks ever. And even though I don’t drink coffee I just think it is cool because so many of my coworkers are addicted so I get bragging rights.

Adam is so happy here because while we were sitting in this park he saw five drug deals, which is a record for him even though he lives in the middle of Chicago.

Seth and I tried to take a picture of Seattle in the dark, but we were a little shaky…can ya tell?

Our last day in Seattle Adam took us to the Space Needle where we saw the return of the double chin.

And Adam was able to show off all his knowledge of Seattle…but I wasn’t buying it. I think he was just making stuff up because I know he hasn’t really lived there for about 10 years.

But it really was a great view.

After the Space Needle we went on the Underground Tour where we found out that 1) Salt Lake City is older than Seattle, 2) Seattle was inundated with sewage twice a day for the first 30 years of its existence, and 3) Seattle is haunted. It really was a great tour. Moral of the story...I would recommend Seattle to anybody!

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