Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What do you want Universe?

Do all the television executives out there hate me? I watch three shows regularly and two of them are on a hiatus right now, and the other is cutting down from three hours a week to one and a half. Now I have to find meaningful things to do with my life so I don’t start surfing through channels and find yet more shows to become addicted to. (I really can only handle three. Anything more than that would throw off my groove.)

I kind of feel like the universe has combined all its forces and powers to give me a bunch of extra time these next few weeks. What is the universe trying to get me to do? Start scrapbooking? Find a replacement for those shoes I have worn out? Blog more? Have more meaningful scripture study? Go to the gym? Find a cure for aids? I DON’T KNOW! If the universe really wanted me to do something more with my life it could have given me a little direction.

My Favorite Shows:

1) The Office (Although I like Karen, Pam and Jim just belong together.)

2) Heroes (I might become un-addicted to this show because who can seriously wait until April 23rd for a new episode? I might just start liking my TV-free Mondays.)

3) American Idol (Go Melinda!)

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