Thursday, April 12, 2007

D.C. Fun

Whoa! It has been entirely too close to a month since I have blogged. One of the reasons why is because I went on vacation! Yea for my sanity! (Those of you who work a 40-hour-a-week desk job understand.) After putting myself, and you, through a horrendously long blog when I went to Seattle I have decided to only post the things I loved very most about my trip to Washington D.C. (Or the things I remembered to take a picture of.)

In no particular order:

Making Seth pose for pictures on the back porch of George Washington's house even though he didn't want to. And no wonder Martha married Washington with this view!

Learning the best way to quiet a baby is to stick your finger in her mouth.

Seeing a flower from a magnolia tree for the first time. (Does anyone know if we can grow these in Utah?)

Standing at the bottom of the Washington monument and looking up.

Having a blast with my sister and her baby.

Fun moments not caught on camera:
--Staying up late at night talking with Donny (Tiffy's husband).
--Eating Peking duck at President Bush's (both) favorite Chinese restaurant. It came out as a whole duck and a person sat there and carved it for us. I kept the head as a souvenir.
--Beating everyone at Settlers.
--Watching the movie National Treasure the day we saw the Declaration of Independence in person.

Also so fun was coming home to a new nephew who had been born while we were gone. Welcome Joel! (He is so tiny. Look at how huge that binky is!)

P.S. Boo on Melinda. Go Jordin!


dp said...

Yes Mangolia trees grow and flower here but just as they flower one last snow storm blows in and kills all the blooms. Happens EVERY time.

Tiffany said...

Nice entry, Tricia! We had a good time with you here, too! You are tempting us to move back to Utah :) By the way, I want your pictures of add to her website, of course. (Cute one with my finger in her mouth.)