Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Totally awesome, so good Twilight

The other day my brother, a senior in high school, started raving about this book named Twilight. The funny thing is that he hasn’t even read it, but he was raving about it. It was supposedly “so good.” Then the young women in my ward started talking about it. Supposedly it was “totally awesome.” And so I thought the book was sweeping through the high schools of Utah, and I decided to leave it at that. Then I went out with some friends and Paige said she was reading it, and she couldn’t even lend it to me when she was done because she had already promised it out about eight times over. Supposedly it was “amazing.” So I went to Barns and Noble on my lunch break one day and bought it. And I would have to agree that it is “totally amazing awesome good!” Well, actually, I do have a few problems with it, like I think it is a little too cheesy, but I should have expected that out of a vampire love story. But it has made me realize one thing: maybe I’m part vampire. How else can I explain away my extremely white, porcelain skin? Oh, and my desire to bite people. Bwhahahaha! (Are you scared?)

My rating: Four stars out of five. This book contains scenes of extreme lovey-doveyness (nothing inappropriate just over-the-top gushy), vampire violence, and blood lust. Some material may not be suitable for young children or for men who hate love stories.


Kristen said...

this was also raved about in my singles ward. I haven't read it yet, but 2 girls I know upon reading it thought it WAY TOO GUSHY which has deterred me from reading it. Should I still consider it?? I mean 4/5 is pretty good and I did like David Copperfield as much as you.

Emily said...

Okay, we definitely need to do another 2-hour lunch soon. Paige has read it 3 times, and I have only read it once, but we are constantly talking about different vampire theories and I'm sure we would love to hear your input and ideas. I loved this book, but cringed during the very cheesy parts and thought Bella was kind of annoying sometimes. But don't get me wrong, it was very very good and I totally have a crush on a vampire. Lunch discussion soon!!

Kim said...

Can I come to lunch too? I haven't read Twilight yet because I'm stuck on page 5 of the world's most boring book, 1776, which I have to read because I'm hosting book club next month, but I promise to read Twilight as soon as I'm done. Please?