Thursday, July 02, 2009

Two Week Appointment

Charlie had to go see the doctor today. She passed all her tests with flying colors. Here are her stats:

-Weight: 8lbs. 11oz. What! She has gained over a pound in a week and a half. She's huge! She is in the 55th percentile.
-Height: 21 3/4 in. Very, very tall. 91st percentile--I wish they did a foot percentile because I'm pretty sure she has the biggest newborn feet ever. So she is tall and has big feet--can you imagine her awkward teen years. Poor girl.
-She has a big lump on her sternocleidomastoid (neck muscle). It was slightly freaking me out, but it is completely normal. Well, not normal. Just not surprising. We just need to do some neck stretches every day. If it doesn't get better we may need to go see a physical therapist. And Seth's brother is an awesome PT so I'm not worried at all. I was imagining tumors and surgery, so a little stretching isn't bad at all.

And in honor of the two week appointment I packed up all my maternity clothes and put them away. I also put on my wedding ring for the first time in months. And now I can't get it off. Seriously. I'm contemplating getting out the butter.

P.S. At Charlotte's two month appointment she'll need to get some vaccinations. My doctor explained that she'll be getting five different vaccinations in three shots and that some doctors still give kids all five shots. Why? because they get more money out of the drug companies. Rude! So he told me to pass on the info to all my friends. If your little baby needs to go get vaccinated make sure the doc is only giving them three shots at their two month appointment and if they aren't ask why. Thanks.

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