Sunday, July 05, 2009

57 Days Left

I only have 57 days until I return to work and I want to make sure I take advantage of everyday...I tend to be lazy when I can and I don't want this summer to be too lazy (a little lazy is ok.) So I've come up with 57 things I want to do by August 31st. Let me know if you want to do any of these things with me and we'll plan it.

Here is my list of goals for summer 2009, in no particular order:
1. Read 16 books (two a week)--let me know if you have any recommendations {Finished: The Tale of Despereaux, Life of Pi, Ella Enchanted, The Giver, Angels and Demons, Flipped, Ender's Game, The Westing Game, Charlotte's Web, Fablehaven}
2. See one outdoor play (here we come Scera Shell!) {Done!}
3. Have 3 picnics. {Done!}
4. Have 3 campfire experiences. {2 down, 1 to go}
5. Have 2 friend gatherings at my house a least one from the ward. {Done!}
6. Have one icee with ice cream a week. (Amazing little stand in American Fork on State Street.) {5 down, 3 to go}
7. Make one kick-A dessert every Sunday afternoon. {7 down, 1 to go}
8. Read my scriptures every day. {In the works}
9. Eat at one new restaurant each month. {Done!}
10. Clean out the fridge. {Done!}
11. Vacuum my ENTIRE house once a month. (Don't judge me.) {Done!}
12. Make plum jam from the plums on my tree. {Done!}
13. Finish my quilt. (Mom I'll need your help!) {This is the only one I've given up on.}
14. Make a remodeling plan for master bathroom. {In the works.}
15. Make a remodeling plan for Charlotte's bathroom. {In the works}
16. Plan and execute family pictures project. (I want grandparent/parent pictures from their younger years running up my stairs.) {In the works.}
17. Have girls from work over to my house for lunch. (I guess the boys can come, too.) {Done!}
18. Play bocce in bocce courts at Liberty park. {Done!}
19. Clean out my junk box in the office. {Done!}
20. Plan how to organize my craft room. (Execute if not too expensive, start saving if it is.) {In progress.}
21. Go swimming 3 times. {Done!}
22. Get a pedicure. {Done!}
23. Go to IKEA with baby and without Seth. (This scares me.) {Done!}
24. Plan meals for entire month of August. {Done!}
25. Find and buy end tables for TV room for under $100. (For both, not each.)
26. Take at least one in-need person/family a meal. {Done!}
27. Do my visiting teaching for July. {Done}
28. Do my visiting teaching for August. {In the works}
29. Eat out for breakfast 2 times. {1 down; 1 to go}
30. Start a craft club that meets monthly. (First project...sewing pillows!) {In Progress}
31. Go boating at least once. {I'm substituting fishing and saying this one is done!}
32. Sit out and see fireworks on the 24th of July. {Done!}
33. Get family pictures and frame them and hang them. {Done!}
34. Research pianos. Buy if the price is right. {Found where I'm going to buy from, so Done!}
35. Recover grandma's old chairs. (This one will sort of break my heart, but the fabric really is threadbare.) {Done}
36. Fix broken roman shade. {Done!}
37. Eat some Utah peaches. {Done!}
38. Go through closet and drop off offending clothes at DI. {Done!}
39. Post pictures of Charlie at least once a week. {7 weeks down; 1 to go}
40. Go to dentist. {Done!}
41. Go to foot doctor. (You don't want to know.) {Done!}
42. Exercise 4 times a week starting July 15. {In progress...I miss my pre-pregnancy abs}
43. Have a baby blessing! {Done!}
44. Make some homemade ice cream. {Done!}
45. Go hiking 2 times. {1 down, 1 to go}
46. Write thank you notes. {Done!}
47. Plan awesome date night for 5th anniversary. {Done!}
48. Make sure Seth is planning awesome date night for my birthday. {Done!}
49. Learn how to make amazing homemade bread. {Done!}
50. Fill out scrapbook Grandma Selman bought Charlotte. {Done}
51. Print pictures of Charlotte for scrapbooks.
52. Go to Oquirrh Temple open house. {Done!}
53. Make a daily chore list...and follow it. {Done!}
54. Have a candle lit dinner for no special reason.
55. Eat something besides cold cereal for breakfast for a week straight. {Done!}
56. Kiss my baby everyday. {In progress}
57. Kiss my husband everyday. {In progress}


Jessica, Sarah, Crystal, and Jeni said...

Yes, can I please participate? Even if it's just getting one of those icee's. That sounds great! I'm out of school for two weeks, so expect to see me :) Call you soon. I hope your numbers the same. -Jeni

Erin said...

I strongly support No. 17, even if the boys are allowed.

Marisa Jean said...

I'm impressed...and good luck! I don't even have a baby and I might be able to complete oh...3 of those things, and vacuuming my entire house is NOT one of them!

I'm scared to go into IKEA in general--I'd be terrified with a child.

Suzette said...

I'd love to join you for numbers 2, 5, 42, and 52! Hope to see you and Charlotte soon.

Tara said...

What a fabulous list. I need to make one of those before my baby boy come this month! I would love to join you for your craft club!

Skye said...

Charlotte is so cute! Look at all that hair. I wish you luck with your summertime list. :) Way to plan.

The Clarks said...

Can we be some of the friends that come over? We need to see you guys. We miss you! Good luck accomplishing all of those! :)