Monday, January 18, 2010

Attempting the Impossible

I tried to give myself bangs. And I think it actually worked. I kind of like 'em.

I've had side bangs for awhile now, and every time they got too long I would pay someone at the local Great Clips $5 to cut them for me because I was too scared. Then I read about how to correctly cut your own bangs here. I'm not sure if I should have read it because my fear is gone. I can just snippity, snip, snip, snip with the greatest of ease.

I've been trying to convince Seth to let me cut his hair all day. Let's just say his fear is not only still in tact but has grown. Can you believe that just because I have a little more ambition and confidence in myself Seth gets all intimidated and scared? Just 'cause I don't have skills or experience doesn't mean it won't turn out! I've read a blog post about cutting bangs for heaven sake! I'll keep working on him and let you know how it goes.


Emily said...

I cut my own bangs a lot and it gives me anxiety every time, but at the same time I feel That sounds weird. One time I cut them while sitting at my desk not even looking in a mirror! I haven't felt that crazy in a long time. My bangs grow so fast, I get over any mistakes pretty quickly.

Erin said...

Love it Tric! I totally think Seth should let you cut his hair! I do Brett's, but then again he is balding and all I have do to is buzz it! But I think I do a pretty fine job! And I haven't even read a blog post about it, so I can only imagine your skills!!! Good luck!

Marisa Jean said...

Love the bangs! I wish I was brave enough to cut some, but I'm not. I haven't had bangs since 4th grade and I'm too scared to cut them now.

Jonathan used to ASK me to cut his hair. I ruined it more than once (on his birthday even), but luckily boy hair grows fast and if it is really messed up, you just #1 the whole thing. If you do cut it, I want to see pictures!