Monday, January 11, 2010

Hair Explosion

What am I supposed to do with my baby's hair? It has just exploded in the last few weeks. Sometimes I think I'm looking at an Ewok. Except not only does she have hair all over her head, it is also very, very long on only the top. Proof:

So I tried this:

Not so pretty.

Don't worry. It came out immediately.

And so I tried this.

But don't you think it makes her look odd? Like one of these guys?

So now we are stuck with the Pebbles do. Lame. I think I need to go purchase some hats.


Marisa Jean said...

I love babies out of control hair. They have no shame. I vote for the two little tails. I think it's cute!

Shauna said...

Too funny! I think she is just adorable.

R.D.S said...

It's okay to use product on her hair. I have used gel on Asher since he was 1 month old. She is so cute though regardless of the crazy hair, it is like a right of passage that babies have to go through.

Brittney said...

I love crazy baby hair, and it seems like every child has to go through a crzy hair phase! I agree with Des, you can totally use products on baby hair. I use mousse, gel, and glistening drops on oaklee's all the time and it is very healthy!! Good luck with the stylin':)

Karissa said...

Tricia, your little girl is adorable! I love her hair, it is so cute (but your ewok comment made me laugh out loud). We should keep in better touch- Mark and I just embarked into the world of blogging, so it might be a little easier now. =D

Anonymous said...

One big giant LOL!

(P.S. did I ever tell you there is a FB group called "I hate LOL" ?Shari told me about it after the conversation that night.