Friday, January 08, 2010

Table Gym

Charlie still isn't crawling, hallelujah, and hates being on her stomach. So that leaves two positions...sitting and being on her back. And since her play gym (that we bought for $5 at a yard sale) has pretty much given up the ghost, being on her back has become just too boring for the little princess. So in a moment of sheer brilliance I thought of screwing some hooks into our coffee table and making our own, very sturdy play gym for Charlie's toys to hang from. She just loves it. And I love that this solution was FREE. I love being brilliant.


Marisa Jean said...

Sheer brilliance.

Kelsey Norwood said...

That is brilliant. And she looks so happy!

Michelle said...

Pat - you are a crafty little devil. All of your posts have been full of hand made home made goodness. I sure am proud of you. Also - I think your little girl is the perfect Seth/Tricia combo - she's beautiful and getting so big!