Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bad Headband

The other day I decided to make Charlie a new headband. I had seen cute lace headbands around that are kind of pricey, so I went to JoAnns looking for some elastic lace. I found something that claimed it was "flexible lace" so I bought it without actually opening the package. It had absolutely no give at all. I should turn those marketing people in to the police and have them prosecuted under the "truth in advertising" law. I'm sure I would win a lot of moo-la for my pain and suffering over not getting my stretchy lace.

Anyway, since I had this lame lace and happened to have some elastic thread laying around I decided to make the lace flexible even if it didn't want to be. This is how it turned out:

Does it remind you of anything? Think wedding. Think leg. Think no way I'm letting my baby out with that on her head. Oh well. Wish me better luck next time.

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R.D.S said...

Hey, I can make you some headbands with bows on them, I make them all the time. If you want me too, let me know what colors (I have just about all of them) and how big you want the bows. If you want to see pics of the different styles let me know and I can email them to you.

Kelsey Norwood said...

I think it's awesome and that she could totally be a trend setter. Pretty soon all the babies would be wearing garters on their heads. Do it!