Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day Has Arrived

To everyone who ever said that my life will never be the same once Charlie started crawling: you are absolutely, 100 percent, in every single way correct.

Charlie started crawling on Tuesday. What do batteries, ammunition, a rotary cutter, a shot gun, and scissors have in common? They are things Seth and I have had just laying around our house that we've pried out of Charlies hands/mouth. (Please don't forward this on to Child Protection Services.)

So Tuesday just happens to be the first day Charlie has been naughty. Once she realized that she could move her knees and actually get somewhere she got this sparkle in her eye and a look of determination set on her brow and she went for my magazine basket. She has had her eye on that thing for months, and I know she knows it is off limits.

So far she has been a good listener and has stayed out of it. (Observe the video.) We'll see how long that lasts.

P.S. This is the first time I've used my angry voice with her. Also the first time I've used her full first and middle name while being stern. I'm not sure I like doing it.


Natalie said...

Your blog is Claire's favorite. She LOVES to watch Charlie on all your fun videos!! It kept her busy for quite some time today while I tried to get some other things done! So thanks for providing entertainment for her, Charlie!!

Yeah for crawling!! You'll get used to the whole angry voice thing. It only gets worse!!

Marisa Jean said...

Woah, you've graduated to full name usage? Things must be all sorts of exciting at your house!

Jen said...

Dear Tric -

Your "angry" voice isn't very angry. You're gonna have to work on that before she hits her teenage years.

LOL - Jen

P.S. She looks super cute in the gun pic - she's getting so big!